With a passionate team of marketers, project and event managers, creatives, designers and dedicated support staff, we create and deliver memorable campaigns and events with passion and accountability.

Creativity & Strategy

Each campaigns asking differently ways to reach audiences. We can’t define what creativities are, however, we have the key to reveal.

Strategy isn’t just a quote, but ways directed, to compete, to reach right time, right place and right message to win battle. Core team of E-XPRO is gifted, and well training to understand, plan and fight for victorious

Event & Activation

Event & activation asking rather a run team but a team of understanding what brands looking for through activities.

Through time and hundred of events & activations.
E-XPRO is growing a trust-worthy event agency

Media & Plan

Fully procurements are well plan:
- Research and Strategy
- Creative services
- Product Development
- Brand Strategy by each channels
- Brand ID & Packaging designs
- Through the line implementation
- Media buy

TVC & Production

Key materials: TVCs, Bumper 6ads, Video Clips, MV,.. Are key material to deliver campaign message.

E-XPRO members are also DOD, Author base on understanding of marketing. This is our advantage that speaks bold of message in each video clips we authored.




E-XPRO is an agency fully provide integrated marketing services. 


Our Instinct to be acknowledged differently at  “creativities, and strategy”. 


Each campaign needs strategy to reach, to compete, to win. 


And, creativities is making things created live


Value Driven




True To Client

Speak Truly


True To What We Do

Do Truly As Spoken


True To Be E-XPRO



Trust Worthy 



E-XPRO is named purposely of :

- Excellently serve what we are ordered by

- X also stands Multiplying what we are receiving from the Orders.

- Professional is  a measurement of each member of E-XPRO must well-behave, good manner, and effectively work through each campaigns, project, E-XPRO accomplished 

Board Of Directors

On the behalf of E-XPRO Advertising,

Ms Ngo Thi Ngoc Diem Elisa, is Representative Director said: 

"Board of Directors (BOD) of E-XPRO are group of  member having Christian - DNA. So, we believe that our services are created to serve clients from an inward of the integrity heart to outward of doing excellently verities marketing expertises. 

Our gladness is multiplying what we recieve from client'd  expected

E-XPRO 's spirit of being Wholeheartedly Serving".  

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