To interpret our dream to become Excellent, we keep updating, seeking knowledges and enlarging in all what we do Advertising, Media and Event.


EXPRO is led by a fire burning – spirit team of passionating serving you.


No pain no GAIN. EXPRO persevere and keep going for what we insist “success”


EXPRO highest value, Trust is built on righteousness


EXPRO insist clients as ourself, we want more than the best


With a passionate team of marketers, project and event managers, creatives, designers and dedicated support staff, we create and deliver memorable campaigns and events with passion and accountability.

Event & Activation

Event Managers start by collecting and assessing all of the logistics for a given event and then pull together all of our other services into a seamless, well-managed process that delivers on-time and on budget.

Media Online

- Integrated Planning: Always on + Campaigns
- Content Marketing
- SEO: Organic search
- Paid search: Adwords
- Social media marketing
- Email marketing - Marketing Automation
- Multi-channel Analytics

E-Commerce Enabler

E-Commerce Enabler is a service provider company that provides e-commerce service to another business, Traditional businesses to start selling products online across multiple channels.
Services provided by E-commerce Enable includes:
- Creative Insights
- Develop to Ecom hubs
- Managing Ecom sites
- Media plan & Buy
- KPIs revenues commitment

TVC/ Viral Clip Production

Production is all about making it real. During the planning process, it’s the reality check on what is possible within a budget and given constraints.

Spro manages every facet of production – design, construction, lighting, talent sourcing, stage management, and more – for events of any scope or scale.


“From the vision of our greatest C.E.O, we wholeheartedly believe and be firmly confident for His guidance, leading to make EXPRO developing and multiplying into groups of EXPRO Full Media Advertising Services and EXPRO Ads Academy and EXPRO Global Expands"

  • EXPRO is found from Brands Events & Activations in 2017, within a year of success and development we welcome  Digital & Social Media department, expertise in Analyze facts and figures supporting for Campaign Strategy & Plan, and Deliver Master through digital and social platform.

  • EXPRO’s Specialty in Digital is planning and managing brand campaign in E-COMMERCE in 2019.

  • In 2020 EXPRO shall have Films & Movies & Art Performance [Gameshow, Summits, Conference]  Department to gain more media benefits for brand’s campaigns, having more offers to clients and keep moving creativities in reaching audiences.

  • EXPRO not only serving our clients but also our people, for whom EXPRO homies, have grown with us, we have responsibility to keep, to care them in 2030 by developing EXPRO Ads Academy, where the greatest stories, campaigns, projects and experiences sharing for next passion-er in Advertising & Media trained, equipped.  


We strongly believe that EXPRO shall develop miraculously, as we focus on connecting our services to something meaningful. So, we have to acknowledge our values, keep them, protect them and proud of them.

LOVE: “Our most powerful visions flows from love”  Gray Haugen, founder of International Justice Mission said. We choose “Love” as EXPRO foundation in what we are providing services, whom we are working with, this value starts for other 2 impactful ones

RIGHTEOUNESSEXPRO heart is straight-forwarding to our clients, we deliver the True Qualities. EXPRO pursues the Righteousness. This is also our powerful and confidence to increase our competence  

EXCELLENCE: We won’t say we are number 1 agency. Those should be marked and spoken by our clients, staffs and vendors. However, we would give the best that EXPRO learns, equips, upgrades, and experiences to our clients. 

Core value

Board Of Directors

Elizabeth Ngo

Our Highlighted Clients

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