To interpret our dream to become Excellent, we keep updating, seeking knowledges and enlarging in all what we do Advertising, Media and Event.


EXPRO is led by a fire burning – spirit team of passionating serving you.


No pain no GAIN. EXPRO persevere and keep going for what we insist “success”


EXPRO highest value, Trust is built on righteousness


EXPRO insist clients as ourself, we want more than the best


With a passionate team of marketers, project and event managers, creatives, designers and dedicated support staff, we create and deliver memorable campaigns and events with passion and accountability.

Event & Activation

Event Managers start by collecting and assessing all of the logistics for a given event and then pull together all of our other services into a seamless, well-managed process that delivers on-time and on budget.

Media Online

- Integrated Planning: Always on + Campaigns
- Content Marketing
- SEO: Organic search
- Paid search: Adwords
- Social media marketing
- Email marketing - Marketing Automation
- Multi-channel Analytics

E-Commerce Enabler

E-Commerce Enabler is a service provider company that provides e-commerce service to another business, Traditional businesses to start selling products online across multiple channels.
Services provided by E-commerce Enable includes:
- Creative Insights
- Develop to Ecom hubs
- Managing Ecom sites
- Media plan & Buy
- KPIs revenues commitment

TVC/ Viral Clip Production

Production is all about making it real. During the planning process, it’s the reality check on what is possible within a budget and given constraints.

EXPRO manages every facet of production – design, construction, lighting, talent sourcing, stage management, and more – for events of any scope or scale.



2017 E-XPRO is founded from Brands Events & Activations


From trust to trust, E-XPRO developing digital & online media plan and buy. Successfully with hit

campaigns, Bridgestone, Samsung Galaxy S8, Yokohama, Kasei, Hyundai


2019 We become One of leading Agency doing services of listing and enabling e-commerce, mixing with Online media. Solving part of Enterprises matters of E-commerce, and supporting plenty of enterprises to extend brand products to E-commerce site, Tiki, Shopee, Lazada, Amazon..


Non stop developing, 2019 E-XPRO hosting TRUE Retail Shops one of our most competitive weapon fighting battles of Marketing & Sales


Our E-XPRO next battles: Keep doing good of Advertising, fully providing Event, Activation, Mix Online Media & E-commerce


Creating a new marketplace that both develop people and business under TRUE value.



E-XPRO named with a plan developing to fulfill our targets:


E For Excellent: Think Good, Do Good and Keep Doing Good is our target of reaching for Excellent


X For Multiply: E-XPRO shall keep conquering Retails, Entertainment and Education lands

PRO For Professional: Stand the same side with our clients, partners and end-users.

Core value



True To Client

Speak truly, Yes or No

Do truly as spoken


True To What We Do

Do as much as we are charged for


True To Our Company

Do with founds, bases that learned, equipped, gained of knowledges, understandings.


Board Of Directors

On the behalf of Director of E-XPRO Ads, I would like to wholeheartedly thank you Him, the greatest C.E.O. Through the very challenging year of 2018, He has been rebuilt, re-established E-XPRO, and leading us to overcome a financial hiccup, and guiding us ways go for better services to fulfill His plan and vision that E-XPRO must be a leader in Media, Advertising, and Expanding Globally. In Him, we find all we need, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and a very true loving heart.

His humble attitudes and ways of training us, we keep growing in the study, learn, experiences, we figure out that His leadership is so powerful.

Furthermore, His business morale is entirely different from what we met before: TRUE. True to what we say, True to what we do, True to who we serve. I must apologize if my words are truly saying "We only intend to cooperate with partners who wholeheartedly agree with our value".

Our Highlighted Clients

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